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Software Testing

Software Testing

Software Testing is a quality assurance process of software. Here specialists test if the developed software meets the requirements proposed by the client plus they test for defects if any. Testing involves the execution of software/system components with manual or automated tools. The main purpose of software testing is to find errors, gaps, or missing requirements in comparison to actual requirements


V2 IT Consultancy offers various kinds of software testing and QA services. We have certified teams who perform work on complex QA requirements. We have structured processes, tools, and techniques that help us to easily adapt to industry agility. We offer our services to all kinds of businesses small, medium, or large.

We have a team of software testers & QA professionals who are well experienced in various QA and testing services. As the best software testing in the UK we offer services like

  • Test automation
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Functional testing.

Our Software Testing Services Include :

Functional Testing

Functional Testing Services make sure that the functionality of the software application operates as per the requirement specification.

Test Automation

All our testing services are automated and hence enable us to include best practices and a process-oriented approach. This approach ensures timely delivery and faster release of the product into the market .

Performance Testing

V2 IT Consultancy process-oriented performance testing is done to ensure that the application performs well under the designated workload.

Security Testing

Data security is a very important factor for any software. We perform security testing to discover all the vulnerabilities within your system. By doping dso you will be able to protect the software from intruders like hackers

Why Choose V2 IT Consultancy?

Leaders in Quality Assurance

We are at the top of the QA testing business. Our QA services have both flexible and scalable delivery models suiting customer requirements. We also have a hybrid model which is a combination of Onsite and offshore resources. Our clients benefit from this model and help in ROI.

Comprehensive QA Knowledge

We have certified specialists who are handpicked after rigorous interview processes and they are well versed in Quality Assurance, Domain knowledge & Software testing skills. Our specialists have hands-on experience with open-source and premium tools used for testing.