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KPO- Knowledge Processing Outsourcing is information-driven knowledge outsourcing. The KPO services offered by V2 IT Consultancy involve a wide range of research and analytics services. Our KPO services are designed exclusively to support businesses, financial services firms, market research and consulting firms, and other information-intensive industries.


Running a business involves an immense amount of data-driven procedures. Information & data are the key players of any business. The digital economy we experience now is the knowledge economy. The creation of information is a continuous process. This requires the collaborative efforts of information industry leaders to create knowledge and find meaningful information and its context.

Every business faces a lot of competitive pressures, yet they are looking at different types of information to make result-oriented decisions. The information is available from the internet and other external sources. Every business requires quality vendors who can drive business strategies through analytics.

The strong IT consulting services of V2 IT Consultancy will offer you the best knowledge process outsourcing services in town. Employ our experience and expertise in business and technology consulting and IT services to your advantage.

V2 IT Consultancy UK offers KPO services in the areas given below:

    Business Research
  • Marketing Research
  • Business and Technical Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Financial Services Research
  • Human Resources Research
  • Legal Research
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Research


What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a business dealing where a specific work process or processes are outsourced to an external service provider. The services include customer support, HR services, accounting, telemarketing, data recording, etc. BPO cab is divided into two types of services: front office and back office. V2 IT Consultancy offers some of the best BPO services. We take advantage of information technology to deliver the best possible services to our clients.

V2 IT Consultancy offers you the following services:

Customer interaction services:

V2 IT Consultancy offers businesses voicemail services, payment processing, appointment schedules, marketing program, email services, telemarketing, quality assurance, surveys, order processing, warranty administration, customer support, and other customer feedback, etc.

BPO Call Centre Services:

It is very difficult to answer customers’ inquiries and reaching out to other entities to maintain & build relations. V2 IT Consultancy offers you the following call centre services like Outbound and Inbound Answering Services, Technical Support Service, Call List, and Lead Generation and Business to Business Telemarketing.

Back-office transactions:

This service includes check, debit, and credit card processing, logistics and dispatch, collection, receivables, direct and indirect procurement, transportation administration, and warehouse management.

IT and software operations:

The V2 IT Consultancy offers our clientele technical support functions like implementation services, IT helpdesk, and application development and testing.

Finance and accounting services:

The V2 IT Consultancy offers finance & accounting services like general accounting, receivables, auditing, billing services, accounts payable, and regulatory compliance.

Human resource services:

V2 IT Consultancy has an excellent BPO department that works rigorously to address workforce challenges. We offer services like administration, payroll services, workforce training, hiring, and recruitment, etc.

Data Management:

V2 IT Consultancy offers higher-level processes that may include data analytics, data and knowledge management, data mining, internet, and web research. Our data management team is highly trained in data management services through rigorous training.

Data Entry Services:

We offer data entry services to all kinds of companies. We handle mass data entry jobs and ensure that the work is delivered on time. We use advanced technologies to ensure we achieve quality data entry services.