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Digital Marketing

In this digital age, digital marketing is a powerful tool to market your products and services to a large audience. V2 IT Consultancy is a one-stop digital marketing service in the UK for all your digital marketing requirements. We offer data-driven solutions assuring results.


What are the advantages of recruiting us?

As a digital marketing firm, we offer the following advantages:

Building Engagement

Our strategies are always focused on sales by identifying the target audience. We try focusing on engaging the target groups by regularly communicating with them through campaigns, offers, contests, etc. We create brand interest among the audience and convert visitors to customers.

Regular Posting

By regularly posting on your social media platforms, we ensure the customers are engaged. This increases website traffic and the possibility of increased conversion rates.

We offer digital marketing services like :

Social Media Marketing

In this day and age of social media marketing, V2 IT Consultancy is your go-to SMM agency to market your products and services on social media platforms. We can achieve the following through our services for you :

  • Monitor your brand
  • Top search engine rankings
  • Generate leads
  • Offer customer service
  • Do damage control
  • Build inbound marketing
  • Connect with new leads
  • Engage your target customer base
  • Generating sales

What do we do?

As a part of social media marketing strategy, we create profiles of your brand on social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In & YouTube.

  • Profile setup
  • Profile optimization
  • Greate company branded pages
  • Personalized branded social media backgrounds and graphics
  • Social media networking daily, weekly, and monthly plans
  • Social media share button integration
  • Social media icon integration

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services drastically improve search engine results to draw in the target audience. In this highly competitive business world, everyone wants to top the first page of Google. But organically achieving such feet is never easy. The best way to get to the top is to have a well-optimized website and content through SEO. So how does SEO help get you on top of the Google page? Search Engine Optimization comes with many factors. It is not a one time task that you can set and go. It is a continuous process. Here the main concept lies in finding relevant keywords that suit your services, optimize your website for those keywords, and also implement other SEO strategies to systematically increase the ranking. This helps you to draw traffic from the targeted audience to the website. We are the best SEO services for all types of business, small, big, or medium.

Our SEO services include:

  • Website Review
  • Modification of Defined Landing Pages
  • Onsite SEO and Offsite SEM
  • SEO / SEM Training and Consulting
  • SEO Assessment Report
  • Strategic Link Analysis Report
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Monitoring of Search Engine Rankings
  • Keyword Research and Keyword Analysis Report
  • Keyword-Rich Content Development Plan
  • Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Pay Per Click(Google Ads)

PPC (pay-per-click) is a form of internet marketing where advertisers need to pay some fees for every click that they get from the ad. It is a paid way to get traffic to your website. Here at V2 IT Consultancy, we offer you the following ads options for our clients to get traffic to their website from the target audience

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • In-stream Ads

How does it work?

  • We bid on relevant keywords.
  • Create ads to direct traffic to specific landing pages.
  • Set criteria for where and when ads will show up in the search engine. The clients only pay if the ad gets clicked on by a visitor on the ad link.